We aim to be the partner of choice for premier emerging and frontier markets international events. We specialize in international funding apps, products and programs. Our specialization enables us to be experts in the areas in which we train.

Our Partners

Our partners include the leading international social entrepreneurs, commercial firms, the major financial services information firms, ratings agencies, and specialist financial service groups. [Back to Top]

Our Service

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve significantly improved performance at both individual and corporate levels. The live events are tailored to be interactive for the international information economy and amended on a continual basis. We are proactive in giving feedback on both participants and the marketplace and in recommending change where it is needed. [Back to Top]

Our Style

Our products and services are interactive, practical and results driven. We coach, we challenge, we inform, and we encourage. Participants take away a structured approach to analysis with ideas and proven examples of how to apply it to their marketplace. [Back to Top]

Our Participants

We train entrepreneurs in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia. These include originators, relationship managers, investors, sales and trading professionals, debt and equity, analysts, risk managers and credit professionals. Our participants are typically experienced professionals seeking to hone their analytic skills.  [Back to Top]

Our Materials

Case studies and exercises form the foundation of our teaching and are tailored to the marketplace and background of the participants. They make a practical and up to date illustration of key analytic or theoretical points. The course material and background reading serve as invaluable reference tools. [Back to Top]

Our Trainers

The foundation of our success is the strength and caliber of our trainers. They all have global business funding experience with exceptional practical market knowledge and interpersonal skills. Participants will be coached to ensure full understanding and challenged to maximize learning. [Back to Top]


We are always interested in recruiting corporate finance professionals with substantial experience and strong communication skills. Should you wish to explore opportunities with us please Contact Us by phone or email. [Back to Top]

Company Details

Incorporated in the United States as Commodities & Metals International, Inc. (CMI) Boston, Massachusetts.  [Back to Top]




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